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Gumnut Yarns does not supply any of these books. They are generally available through Needlework and Craft shops, book shops or the publishers.

These books are generally available through Needlework and Craft shops, book shops or the publishers.

A Passion for Needlework 3

'Indulge your needlework passion with the third book in the Inspirations 'A Passion for Needlework' series. Margaret Light's Nigella & Honesty is one of the 12 exceptional needlework designs featured it is worked in Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS', perlé
silk 'BUDS' and fine wool 'DAISIES' - 24 in all are used in this beautiful design.

Published by Inspirations Studios 2020
© Margaret Light


BOTANICA The Three-Dimensional Embroidery of Julie Kniedl

'This is the world of Julie Kniedl and her amazing three-dimensional embroidery. Here nature is re-created with needle and thread with such realism, the art and the original are almost identical. The book contains 12 of Julie's beautiful works. Three of them - Grapes, Cherries and Camellia incorporate Gumnut Yarns fine wool 'DAISIES'.

Published by Inspirations Studios 2019
© Julie Kniedl


Home Sweet Home A Passion for Needlework - Factoria V11

One of the many beautiful designs in this book is Julie Kniedl's Red Currants. 'Luscious
three-dimensional berries and leaves are worked in Gumnut Yarns fine wool 'DAISIES".

Published by Inspirations Studios 2018
© Julie Kniedl






A Passion for Needlework

The first in a series from Inspirations Studios, it is dedicated to showcasing exquisite and innovative embroidery. Proud Peacock, designed by Alison Cole is one of these beautiful pieces and includes the use of Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS'.

Published by Inspirations Studios 2016
© Alison Cole





Home Sweet Home

Explore Carolyn Pearce's stunning embroidery when you stitch this delightful workbox in the shape of a whimsical English cottage. Home Sweet Home features detailed instructions for the embroidery and construction for the workbox and the nine lovely accessories, with step-by-step photographs.

A garden of threads are used including Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS and fine wool 'DAISIES'.

Published by Country Bumpkin Publications
© Carolyn Pearce


Crewel and Surface Embroidery

"Trish Burr has broken boundaries with her unique sense of colour and shading by interpreting a mix of thread painting and Australian wool embroidery. With clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions, the 17 achievable projects use the minimum of stitches to create exciting effects"

One project uses only Gumnut Yarns threads

Published by Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd
© Trish Burr

The Wool Embroidery Collection

Gail Rogers has used a wide range of silks and wools to create a collection of colourful projects to tempt the embroiderer.
Detailed instructions for projects such as wildflower and baby blankets and exotically embroidered vests.
Gumnut Yarns threads used include a wide range of 2-ply crewel wool 'BLOSSOMS' and kid mohair 'TULIPS'

Published by Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd
© Gail Rogers

The Worlds Most Beautiful Embroidered Blankets

'This book features 11 glorious blankets designed and stitched by the world's leading embroiderers'

Step-by-step instructions are given to create each blanket. many use a vast range of threads, including

  • stranded silk 'STARS'
  • perlé silk 'BUDS'
  • silk/wool 'POPPIES'
  • 1-ply fine wool 'DAISIES'
  • kid mohair 'TULIPS'
  • 2-ply crewel wool 'BLOSSOMS'

Cover reproduced with permission of the publisher
© Country Bumpkin Publications

Thread Painting - Bunnies in my garden

Jenny McWhinney gives detailed instructions to each of her 12 bunny panels. each panel depicts a busy bunny in the garden - potting, pruning, watering etc. A wide range of hand-dyed Gumnut Yarns threads are used -

  • 1-ply fine wool 'DAISIES'
  • Stranded silk 'STARS'
  • perlé silk 'BUDS'
  • silk/wool 'POPPIES'

Published by Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd
©Jenny McWhinney

Little Book of Wool and Silk Embroidery

Jenny Bradford's book details many small projects and designs with a floral feel.  It predominately uses Gumnut Yarns 1-ply fine wool 'DAISIES' and stranded silk 'STARS'.

A beautiful gem to acquire for yourself or as a gift for a special friend.

Published by Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd
©Jenny Bradford

An Encyclopedia of Wool Embroidery

Merrilyn Heazlewood uses 58 Gumnut Yarns 2-ply crewel wool 'BLOSSOMS' and 'GEMSTONES' in her latest book of designs and projects of herbs, grasses & flowers.

Published by Merriwood Press Pty Ltd , Tasmania, Australia
©Merrilyn Heazlewood

A-Z of Wool Embroidery

A treasure trove of stitches, hints and designs for beginners and beyond. Gumnut Yarns crewel wool 'BLOSSOMS' on the cover must tempts any embroiderer.

Published by © Country Bumpkin Publications

Take the Teacher Home

The first of a series of easily accessible embroidery classes on DVD has been released by sisters Bev Tully and Jan Bergman.

Instructions for two projects are given

  • A Cottage Garden
  • Australian Natives


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